Mouse Points are great, both for site owners and surfers. But we have much more to offer than the standard Mouse Points! Here is an overview of all our services

The Cheese Wheel Game

When your members find this page they can spin the wheel and try to win mouse points or cash!

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RichMouse's One Dollar Value promotions



Rich Mouse Free URL Rotator

Why pay for a url rotator when you can have an ad free one qhere you can list unlimited urls!

It looks kinda cute don't you think?

Get your free url rotator here

Special Annoucements

Valentine's  Day Promotion

Starts Feb 1st End  Feb.28th  2015
1. Must surf no less than 125 at each Participating Site.
2. Must Report 1 Claim page from each Participating Site.
3. winners selected by most claims Reported.
1st place wins 50% of prize pool
2nd place wins 30% of prize pool
3rd place wins 20% of prize pool.

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