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Badges and Points working together to earn huge traffic I got to say I Love It !
Collecting Mouse Points makes surfing im my favorite TE's both fun and rewarding! -Richard Daigle
Cool concept love the idea of collecting mouse points to use towards interesting things and many traffic exchanges already. Richard Topp
Creating this site was both fun and challenging. I am very happy that it has proven itself to be well worth the effort for both surfers like myself, and the participating TE's and other participants. Thank you all. And thanks to Monty who came to me with this brilliant idea ! Andrew Hall
great site, great benefits! love richmousepoints coz I can get free credits and upgrades! :) - cynch
Here are all the sites I belong to that give you Richmouse Points. Join now so you can earn them too!
i love mouse points it the site i have came cross in a long time love it becca rkollar rkollar mouse username
I safe a lot of time and money by collecting MousePoints. I can trade them for credits, discounts and even free upgrades at the TEs listed on this page.
i will like to tell you that rich mouse points pays i was paid five dollars twice in two days tnasting
List-building is only half the game. Enclosing Rich Mouse Points in my messages gets them READ.
Love the site, and i like to search for the points when i am at mijsjes-mail
Monty, Since adding RMP to my TE, I have seen an increase of referrals coming in from this site. Plus it's easier and cheaper to add than CTP badges. If you own a TE, you should seriously consider adding RMP to it. Thanks for showing me this. Chad Van Norman, Admin at SharkShiverTraffic
mousepoints is awesome. It is a really fun way to earn extra advertising and cash while surfing
Really easy to get mousepoints and it doesn't even take that much time each day.
Richmouse is excellent, for getting points while doing my usual surfing...can't beat that! Join Now - Ellis Hadlock
Richmouse Points are a clever idea. You add a lot of fun and prizes to your daily surfing.
Richmouse points are a great addition to any TE as they are fun for Surfers without taking anything away from the Advertisers - Searching for points means Members must keep looking at all the pages. Louise D - FroggyHits
Richmouse Points is a great program! Both TE owners and users benefit from it! Michael Woytek
Richmouse Points is not only enjoyable to collect but also saves you money on advertising - This is a real pleasure and easy to use system - Thank you Lisa Cerrone-Allsup
RICHMOUSEPOINTS is amazing program which helps me to raise my income 3 folds. Taste and Enjoy it.Adel Elassy e
Strictly Simple Affiliate Marketing loves mouse points!
Surfen is Fun
thank Monty for the 10 banner thing you have ate rich mouse points this month ate hit horse wee got 38 sign ups it dos work thank you
These guarantee results and are highly recommended.
This is a great program, it does give me points that I can exchange for credits, upgrade and all kinds of stuff and all this for doing what I do anyway, check it out it is great. Marcel Clavet aka ebookmaster
This is so much fun..collect points for credits and Cash!!!